Our Mission

Rephaiah is not-for-profit pharmaceutical company, to be located in Lilongwe, Malawi. 
We aim to empower Malawians to produce life saving and life enhancing medicine for infants and young children by establishing a manufacturing entity in Malawi.

Our Story

Founded in 2001, Hananja plc. is a small family run R&D biotechnology company, located in Iceland. It is involved in the development of new drugs and vaccines with its core focus on rescue, life-saving, and life
enhancing drugs, as well as drugs to treat maternal and fetal health.

Hananja began working on the Rephaiah project in August 2016, following a vision. Since then, the focus has been on planning, preparation and raising necessary funding and means.

Hananja has sponsored the cost involved in this preparation phase until 2021.

Project Status

The plan is to start building the construction late 2021. The conceptual design has been completed to be followed by a preliminary estimate. Full engineering effort is to start after funding is secured and proposed plans have been reviewed and approved by regulatory agencies.

The first Malawian employees have started working.

We are working looking for support to secure the finances and regulatory approval. We are searching for qualified talent(s) to review the project and start production training.

Donated equipment need to be identified before finalizing engineering documents.

Key Collaborators

Malawian Collaborators

Dr. Baxter H. Kachingwe

Former Head of the Pharmacy Department. Lecturer in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmaceutics
Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (inMalawi)

Ellen K.G. Mhango

PhD student at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Iceland. Focusing on pediatric antimalarial formulations.

Profile-Emmanuel-Mwathunga (2)

Emmanuel Mwathunga

Expert in Environmental Chemistry, Inspection, and Monitoring as well as Occupational Health

Dr. Lazarus Juziwelo

Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases, Ministry of Health of Malawi

Agness M. Mpoto

Human Resource Officer
Former Human Rights Project Manager at the High Commission, Lilongwe, Malawi. Agness is currently the Human Resource Officer for Rephaiah. 

Joseph Gibson

With background in Communication and Political Science, he has been advising the Rephaiah project since 2019/2020.

Heather Musasa

Lead architect for the Rephaiah project in Malawi. She is a green architect working for Form & Space Designs Ltd in Lilongwe, Malawi.

 Precious Ngwalero Katundu

Pharmacist, currently finalizing her PhD in Cape Town, S-Africa. She has been involved in the Rephaiah project since May 2018

International Collaborators

Dr. Wane Gruden

Professor. Dr. Gruden is also the author of the book: “The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution”, together with Barry Asmus

Ms. Jeannine Erquitt-Daniel

Chief Executive Manager fpr 3 Women Wired (3ww).
Fund Raising Event Coordinator for Rephaiah

Dr. Sveinbjorn Gizurarson

Professor at the University of Iceland
Founder of Rephaiah

Mr. Paul Uzureau

A retired engineer and architect, an expert in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Mr. Uzureau has designed all the conceptual drawings for Rephaiah in Malawi.

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